Project Spotlight: Alphabet of Acceptance

Well, I am finally putting my nose to grindstone and finishing this project! It's very close to my heart and I want to make it available to you all as soon as humanly possible! In the meantime, you're welcome to order or preorder prints and posters — it will motivate me!

The Alphabet of Acceptance began as a personal project in early summer 2016. It is a way for me to express the anguish I feel at acts of violence due to xenophobia, racism, bigotry, sexism, and general intolerance of others — events that have become increasingly prevalent in the news in the United States and elsewhere.

I began creating one letter a week, each one corresponding to a different word that represented acceptance and understanding. It was a kind of personal reflection, a moment where I could look inside myself and reevaluate my place in the world and the way that I treated others. It was also a challenge: by posting one each week online, I was held accountable to finish all 26 letters — at least 26 weeks committed to this one project.

Since then, the project has sparked conversation, particularly around what its purpose will be once the alphabet is complete. As a result, I’ve decided to compile the finished alphabet into a bound book, which will then be donated to organizations who support children and their wellbeing: hospitals, shelters, libraries, schools. I believe firmly in the potential of education, and perhaps this alphabet can play a small part in teaching the next generation about the importance of understanding each other. I’m currently researching funding for printing costs, and a portion of each print sold is also going towards that fund. Letter Z will be completed in early December, 2017, and my hope is that the book will be able to be printed sometime in the coming year.

Follow the progress of the Alphabet of Acceptance on instagram, and buy or preorder a print or poster on Etsy!