"The illustrations Chamisa created (over 200 square feet of imagery) brought to life the ideas for transformative innovations that our workshop conceived.  Without her art, the ideas wouldn't have had the power to unleash funding, action, and follow-up.  Her work helps us sell ideas and we are so convinced of her remarkable talent!”

— Sara Farley, Chief Operating Officer of The Global Knowledge Initiative

“Working with Chamisa was such a pleasure! Her kindness and exceptional professionalism just radiated through her correspondence. Her artistic vision for the project we worked on was exactly what we were looking for. We can’t wait to work with her again!”

— Shelbie Williamson, Graphic Designer + Color Consultant, Jeffrey DeMure + Associates Architects, Planners, Inc.

"Chamisa's vision and talent illuminated all she did for Circle of Hands - from the murals on the store walls to the decorative pages on our website. We especially appreciated her "Waldorf background" in fantasy and child-appropriate imagery. Chamisa was prompt and thorough, as well as responsive to our suggestions. She is a true artist who makes beautiful, fascinating stories come to life!"

— Leslie Young, Circle of Hands Waldorf Gift Shop Owner

"Patiently for more than four years we have delved into a personal world and have visualized scenes that bring to life a story for my documentary: Keeps Me From Falling.  Chamisa’s illustrations elicit an impressive response from viewers of work-in-progress screenings.
Outstanding work from a talented artist."

— Richard Cohen, Filmmaker, www.RichardCohenFilms.com

"Chamisa is one of the most talented artists that has had her art work displayed at the Blue Danube Coffee House.  I loved her work so much, I had her re-create my artwork dining tables.  I'm so happy to have met her and fortunate to have her work permanently located at the coffee shop." 

— Jimmy Hsu, Blue Danube Coffee House, owner