Photo © Phil McElroy

Photo © Phil McElroy

Chamisa is an illustrator,  fine artist, designer and writer with a degree in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work is inspired by nature, myths and fairy tales, and the nebulous line between reality and imagination. She has drawn and designed for magazines, books, apps, social innovators, and educational materials. She also runs a small Etsy shop that sells illustrated gifts, stationary and wooden puzzles. Chamisa currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon where she enjoys the food, the coffee, the outdoors, and the abundance of creative spirit Portland has to offer. She is represented by Painted Words Artist and Literary Agency in NYC.


Client list

Chefsfeed, Edible, Nexmap, Tellart, Global Knowledge Initiative, Room to ReadCircle of Hands Toystore, Father John Winery, Barrel Craft Studios, Allen Land Design, Richard Cohen Films, Natalie Freed, Little Skein, Artists by Any Other Name, Sierra Training and Yoga, The Street Trust, Everycoast


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